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yeah. well after c.e.o. elon musk claimed it would be a scratchy hard assistant manager on stage to break to supposedly impact windows the cyber truck as its name is expected to go in production in late 2021 at a cost of just about $40000.00. for. a ha ha now they go through. this deed of you news live from berlin i'm brian thomas helena will join you at the top of the hour for more news have apparently. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to sing the bridge clicks on the phone while it's 250th birthday we were embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w.
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. you know what teeth holistic aesthetic that. free thinking. honest their fiduciary fight had to come she asked. sherman that is about house. after 100 years the ideals of the bond house are more relevant today than they were that the spa hosts for 100 years ago about house reimagine the future on the view that how we learn we live in some form felt house. the boat house influence is everywhere those guns oh how set down to formulate a language of design that was universal. that's the alice in that everything has an
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ideal high it's an ideal size and that's what optimize is its utility bin not you know they want this kind of push to go out from wherever you are with your design and everywhere when you're an artist. bauhaus is a legend the brilliance of the bauhaus school remains undiminished even today. even though its existence was short lived it continues to shape the world we live in. new approaches to education and training architecture painting dance and design were explored and developed here. when hitler seized power and forced the school to shut down its artists architects and visionaries emigrated fanning out and spreading the bauhaus doctrine around the world. so can we still feel the bow
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house effect today. serial production of everyday goods was a cornerstone of the val house vision a partnership between design and industry. at the furniture retailer ikea that vision seems to have become reality. if i'm a rerun of god knows exactly what consumers want. how can you have your 1st home and your 1st bed your 1st so fire your 1st desk actually accessible at a price that you can afford that. affordability is the linchpin of the company's business model. i keel was founded in 1943 generations of
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grown up with its designs. so it's like here the bow house of today is it exactly what bauhaus found. a century ago. we have a tone of that because of democratic design and that 5 dimensions starting with form a connection to our house us we are talking about today it's of course that form follows function to be a good quality for what it's intended use we work very heavily with sustainability and we take all of those for together with a low price that's when you have a typical ikea product. the 5 pillars of democratic design as formulated by ikea found involve camp he wanted everyone to be able to afford well made products so did vatican the 1st bell house director environment he proposed that art craft
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and industry collaborate to make consumer products more available to the common man . weimar was a conservative place and the bauhaus school was eventually forced to move relocated to death south which proved a far better if it. didn't want to buy a house and in 1905 gropius her to look for an alternative site. seems to be the best option as there were plenty of opportunities for the school to flourish their . politics and industry had vested interests in the bauhaus moving to death. because women at the time in the region were similar to silicon valley today if you will. in deaths out the school joined forces with a number of industrial partners inspired by series production the battle house began exploring synergies between arts. technology. had just passed and in total
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bauhaus partner here and death are with thousands of firms to work on various projects both large and small there were very close ties between the school and industry lots of people commissioned the bow hauser's to design fittings for their homes to design brochures for their companies but of course there were plenty of raised eyebrows too and eventually they had to move on once again vita had seen against the backdrop of the great depression the liberal bauhaus school came under increasing pressure. in 1928 tired of facing constant hostility directive attack or p.s. appointed a successor with swiss architect tanous my at the helm the balance focused even more heavily on industry and also became more political. on this my own hut on the shot her a smile moved the bauhaus in a very socialist direction communist even. in the extremely productive 2 years that
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he was director this played a major role which was very different from the gropius era the board. hoped. the bell house set out to design and manufacture well made products for everyone. catering to everyday needs took priority over artistic considerations. one voyage to india india into social they wanted to reach households homes society in general. and with products that looked completely unlike anything that had existed before else clique there was a turning point after the 1st world war by 922 or 923 at the latest everyone was. i added about mechanization and industrial production. side while
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there was a consensus that in the post-war era people should be modern and welcome technology and progress. and this should be reflected in everyday products from carpets to houses to the urban environment holes and they were to do this so as to modernize the city and indeed the world was down these young. kids ultimate goal is no different just like the bounce house the retailer sees itself as a kind of low bar a tree for a better every day life. we want to create a better everyday life for the many question one way as a philosophy is very similar to the thinking of our house that design should not be for the few good products should be for the many for ikea the many are 1st and foremost consumers ultimately it wants to sell products the bell house effect is
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unmistakable ikea's democratic design is by definition mass produced the retailer has adapted the core bauhaus philosophy to today's consumer society. and a smile was the bow house director for just 2 years in 1930 the town council dismissed him for communist sympathies. and long with some former students he went to the soviet union to help build the fledgling state. the 2nd world war tour germany into 2 fine myron's desks out ended up in communist east germany. when the hidden in the nfl in there was no scope for our house to be revived in the early years of communist east germany. it was rejected as a bourgeois institution. as i knew. the stuff that was the and. they chewed until well after the death of stalin basically until the early
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1960 s. and the rise of architectural functionalism was when urban planners began erecting prefab houses in the states on the outskirts of cities also hope they are of oxen and that at some point down house was reevaluated and once again seen as a good thing pulls it if the same. as legacy was politicized design and the famous slogan folks bedard looks daft the needs of the people instead of the need for luxury. today ballet house designed products are expensive only the well off can afford them. such as vilhelm vatten fads table lamp it's now a classic. voting for acknowledged across the pond if
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you're headed up to the vatican felt table land costs around $400.00 euros. and recruit and waffle that's because it was designed and manufactured at the bow school before cereal production had really taken off the park topped. the heights even at the time the infeld lamp was so expensive that it didn't sell very well. that's. the hottest and the hope for coffins of course. without series production the vulcan fad lamp could only remain a luxury item. but the land did cross the atlantic the museum of modern art in new york city has one in its collection. in the late 1920 s. momus founding director alfred bond helped introduce americans to the bow. swiss born martino sheerly is no most chief curator of architecture and design of
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god from very early on alfred was keen on and the european of on god in general what do you especially liked about it was its push to incorporate art into everyday life also its merging of art and technology and its interdisciplinary approach and its aim of making the art nonhierarchical coons the. took these principles these basic concepts and work them into the founding structure of the museum of modern art museum of modern art the fact. that spamhaus serves as the foundation of one of the world's foremost collections. the baja stands for a very particular aesthetic but at the same time the bauhaus is quite a vague. before. anything that counters modern is designed in the broadest sense
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very quickly finds itself being described as bauhaus in a rather reductive fashion. it's also a way of signaling your own stylistic preferences perhaps that's problematic but of course it's also symptomatic of an extraordinary success if you become a brand you really made it to a mark of the. world around housework. virus sorrow it spreads it spreads more quickly than you realize what if nothing is interesting ever happened at the barrel house but they had an amazing publicity machinery books magazines personalities but was this all just kind of creating a kind of cult so maybe brown house is not about rationality is not about industrialization it's not about clarity in the machine age and song gropius he's
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a hardcore expressionist at the beginning of brown house moments he becomes a kind of a manager is a management culture the spirit we are surrounded here by the effects of this virus and we are in the center of management culture this is new york management central . critic monthly lives in new york but finds the glass and steel oppressive. has the name battle house city become a cat chill label devoid of real substance. found a house is now a brand instantly recognizable. that's why it's such an enduring favorite. especially for connoisseurs of design and architecture like the ellis. one could all think it was newly built
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people are always asking us about it until it will. go beyond us holes i can be sure to find we stumbled across the house completely by chance it was appetizer genovese bottom bank as a bungalow in need of renovation in a prime location. and i said to my wife one of them sounds interesting let's take a look in fun. what the elders found was a piece of architectural history not even the estate agent was aware that the bungalow was the last surviving house in germany designed by powerhouse architect marcel broyard. we sensed in major italy that there was something special about it that is what was on the us with him he had been touched again but honestly it was in terrible condition 1st edition to shunt him out somehow you could still sense the spirit of
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boy boy and. his and dark force boy resistant the eaves and the ledges under the windows so that sunlight refracts below the windows and there's never any of the wrecked sunlight in the rooms wished for orders of the new directors on installed on the level nothing to charge. everything has been meticulously thought through it's absolutely fascinating if you can't help but be seduced and you have to give it to hats off respect of respect. so you can see these days you don't see many elements like these in houses anymore the cube is little can become very popular again there's lots of new houses and they're very nice but back then they put a lot more forth into what it would actually be like to live in these houses or live in them holes and under my whole was usually architects take cues from their
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clients but here the owners took their cues from bauhaus inspired furnishings in the late 1920 s. muscle broyard designed this chair for the tone it company the marriage of art and industry had become reality. doesn't. and he's a matching items of garden furniture not only comfortable and also look amazing on lots of tubular steel that is why it's very sleek is issue least the couple had previously only been familiar with broyard the furniture designer but now they've inadvertently become guardians of his architectural legacy in berlin environment. so we went to lend to find sound good times already started to bounce from also fish. if you lose a few 50 we learnt as long. as we felt it was important we understood more about it
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if we were going to live as most house. strikes you is that the functional remains face north and the rooms you actually spend time and face. as a house has a very positive energy. and he. of course not everyone has their own private bauhaus museum but they can always make a pilgrimage to the vitro design museum inviolate i'm kind. of home. frank gehry. and many other contemporary architects have left. to museum direct peace architecture and design essential to the human experience design is an issue
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i don't have time to. design is basically a way of solving a problem that's probably an opportunity to tackle everyday problems with creative ideas those kinds of mechanisms of furniture of those kinds of but it can also involve processes and social situation it's of possession is much more to design than making products few is no object to. design a. designer is also address questions to do with society's new materials and with things that are not always tangible and. desist that is an understanding of the design that has its roots in bob's sorts with you and his boss this rule was one of the 1st institutions propagating a wide ranging understanding of the zine i went beyond individual objects to the bo hauser design was a way of shaping society and the future and so confession. the museum's collection
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has some 7000 exhibits including many iconic examples of international product design. there are famous pieces by marcel broyard and of course me sand and whole mr know how to even close to. there was a very upper class glamorous side to me stranded on a skittish time to most machine modernist architecture doesn't always have to be austere it is on it's not always white walls or in simple small window frames it's easy going up of the argument so you can be flamboyant to his muse demonstrated with his boss alone a pavilion and also with the furniture he designed for his barcelona chair exudes the same glamour and grandeur as the pavilion itself but. i do think that race was a straight forward person. so people who obsess about getting everything in the
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right place everything everything everything so very very directly from what seems like a human project let's figure out the dimensions of the human body it's a system to take care of that body soon it's like let's make a new body let's make architecture in front of equipment that shapes a new film and then it's like let's make a superhuman. you could never imagine that such an obsessive thing from a straightforward person. he's talking about meis found at all as secret building a steel skeleton framed tower featuring dark glass and bronze beams built in the late 1950 s. it helped usher in a new era of sleek elegant skyscrapers. the sounds with no structural function an idea that miss found or had perfected in chicago minimalist pad down buildings often fronted by
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a plaza. so reserve the opposite straight for dollars are made by crazy people write in cursive people are from the people that really affect us or have we ever been affected by somebody that's nice car sort of barbell house was not mars. got 45.8 square meters the other apartments are about the same size luxury. line not going anywhere. cast in france loves her compact little apartment in death. she doesn't think it's the least bit or sterile soulless. says it is i can see every change in the weather every move through my windows it's lovely it was in the you usually only see
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windows this size in shop fronts and i have a shop window onto a park i love it here it's wonderful it every time of the year especially in winter when it snows it close in here magical when there's a full moon or moonlight floods through the window it's a permanent light show just for me as my kids. designed by hunters. in 1929 the world famous gang houses were extraordinarily innovative and progressive for the time. the affordable housing project was a perfect example of his guiding principle that architecture has a social responsibility. as fossil it was for all social classes merchants shoemakers metalworkers just think of how most people lived in berlin in the 1920 s. and thirty's and look how light this apartment is imagine how it must have felt to people with low incomes it was sensational and just for me.
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and plastered brick expose lintels made of reinforced concrete a statically harness meyer's design mark to break from battle house conventions one of the standout features is the commune old walkway. this is a hope guns are different from a standard new building which would just have a normal hallway here you're immediately outside and that means there's a very different sense of community there'll be someone outside having a smoke or sitting there and people watching you. so of course you say hello and maybe have a chat. there's no social cohesion in germany these days there's no one like. us with ideas and a vision that they know how to put into action can dispute. the loud been going
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houses with the continuation of the urban planning agenda formulated by call p.s. the bell house in death south set out to build inexpensive housing to address the shortage in the wake of the 1st world war. on a month ago and it was a considerable challenge because gropius is housing estate was also an economic model he designed terraced high. homes that were relatively small by today's standards but he planned for lots of them like a plant and also unfair about made it possible for workers to live in a proper house. and what's even more extraordinary is that these houses are still lived in today this autumn of one thing and. the next sold here is now i'm something of the curiosity here. and they don't want
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to foot the bill they all see me as a crazy professor out of the one who did up the bronze building. started out as an experiment to see if it was possible. but is it possible today in the early 21st century to live comfortably in a bomb most building which has limited space so. it is possible although it does require certain compromises. he says that the fed is in the wrong place from coal gropius planned it to be the other way around but his bed was only one meter by 80 . so with a bed that's to bind to the walls a problem none of them fall by that and the other way around would be better and then you could have bedside tables on both sides of the vita if the split. is a die hard spouse afficionado a. nice home here on the estate designed by the table p.s. is his castle. an annoyed option i'm having
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a new garage added it was really hard to find one that suited the house but then i'm obsessed with bob house well one of the things he asked if i wanted something very specific fortunately i had something to go by. myself hoping to copious master's house still has an intact garage so i used that as my. over it was hard but i found a company that could build it for me with the promise concrete which is even eco friendly and make something that will look very bops as a ball of article simple to. be a stroke for efficiency elections he tested out new building materials and prefabricated parts that could be made in series production. the construction site was like an industrial production line with several houses under construction at once. the limited budgets called for ingenious architectural solutions. you're here behind the shower curtain was the way to the roof
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terrace it doesn't because of the shortage of scrapes the weight of the roof terrace was through the bathroom the dust was again was that the state should not treat it as you do think it does is if you really i imagine the thinking was that all the rooms up here are bedroom. and that a bathroom is the only room that everyone uses different i frequented for them so it's a good place to put the access from the balcony or the terrace of the sponsor. then screwed on to is one of the few residents of the estates whose home still looks just as it did in gropius as day. on the other houses are examples of what one might call cage. in 1938 the global spread about house was given a major boost in new york with an exhibition at moma showcasing its work.
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it's almost impossible to overstate the influence of us art schools after $940.00. it was the foundation for generations of artists the dog. ecological pierce was appointed chair of the department of architecture at the harvard university graduate school of design one of the most prestigious architecture departments in the country design and the $5032.00 issues that it means for the whole world went to the ana institute which became the illinois institute of technology out the way that not only designed the new university campus he changed the way that architecture was taught. to work on today to tear.
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the mouse is impossibly important like it's just for us to discuss design without talking about the brown house is large talking about cooking without talking about fire it just makes no sense and for that reason we can't get the brown house out of our bodies or out of our thoughts but that doesn't mean that the people who invented it. i knew what they were doing i feel like whenever you open your cell phone you put on some clothes you go out the door whenever you read the typewriter feel what you read everything you see almost everything you see. is brown house shaped and and and and packaged and that means we are the victims of the brown house. when the nazis came to power many film about how students and teaches emigrated to the u.s. . in the 1950 s. and sixty's the movement's principles became the backbone of american modernism. on the on the family and the guys in the 1930 s.
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and the end years of others were invited to teach at black mountain college in north carolina does in 15 minutes but in the 1950 s. it became a chrysalis for many extraordinarily important artists the couldn't viet is a lot of detail a child and many of the people who played influential roles in post-war. american odds were affiliated with schools that had picked up the mantle of bauhaus sholto this russian book just but jones most cunning i'm so would drop the draft or just the charms or scorning. choreographer miss coming them who tooltip black mountain explored the ideas of movement developed in the bauhaus states workshop.
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the scene where art has gone and the powerhouse of men does cross over into into the dance into the music 5 ethics are ready go. in new york dancer jennifer gog and ensures the legend of most cunning them lives on. merce cunningham radically changed our format down one of the 1st things he did was to create works that were devoid of plot so there were no more character than worst stories and he was interested in looking at dance and movement for movement sake. his radical approach made him a natural heir to oscar's shama the defining force of the bauhaus stage workshop.
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centered on the theme of figures in space his work turned downstairs into costumed geometrical shapes in exploring the idea of the human body as a mechanical object. the triadic ballet which premiered in 1922 inch to got is still performed today. experimentation informs the work of must come in no. people would say the dance isn't human because there is no character going on expressing some emotion and mercy with say dance is always human because it is performed by the human body this is extremely radical and today. dance rehearsal all over the way they work in a very abstract a way and that's accepted.
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big lunch. the ballot house tradition was also fostered in post-war west germany at the school of design the highest. national id and was to revive the powerhouse many form of houses like fox build a co-founder and its 1st director. today the premises served as an exhibition space until its closure in 1968 the hunt was one of the most seminal often designed schools in gemini what came to be known as the blue model reconfigured the role of the designer. even in the early days the school of design collaborated closely with partners in industry
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one of its most successful partnerships was with the brown electric company. some balls so your brain trust of the elements is very about. it harks back to the constructivist graphic design used by boat. it's in the tradition of that out of the crowd. the photo super ask a foreigner in a snow white's coffin was commissioned by brown really cool of design took these commissions as a way of raising money for the school to go for the shorter fill you. phone booth is head designer at brown he's meeting with the brown collections archivist thomas watson dean. what proportions are key very slim that is the proportions come from the. detail was appointed head of brown's
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newly minted design department in the early 1960 s. . together with the own design school he developed a number of products that are now classics. interdisciplinary team work was crucial to the creative process. which is sort. of the photo super s.k.u. for is an example of a product made by a team of people sitting around a table and all chipping in the result was a product that's iconic for the corner order. on top of it was improved upon step by step and at one point dieter suggested the plexiglas cord turntable was designed by plug in fat and so it's.
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been held back and fed was a film about how students. the new design language traced its lineage from the balance to over them and then to brown ending up in households all over the world brown will forever be associated with industrial design and. he brought a new simplicity and style to everyday objects. as when is it too much or too little what makes a product user friendly when is it to stylish. the very same questions that preoccupied the bell house school. the cunt how long until brown was well known for a pared down design in just one category how to clean high fives as we see here. in
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global terms the brand wasn't well known so step number 2 was to translate this new design philosophy into the realm of the household. as it was with household appliances that the brown brand crossed the atlantic it was that in america they were instantly recognized as examples of timeless design titles designed. the feel of how hot in the narcotics the post-war era brown was very successful in a stablish in a very high and corporate design a corporate identity if you will know that the corporate identity here to stay in a. place known for contemporary and functional design and detail harms was instrumental in that process hobbs at the mint. today the world's leading tech companies continue to be inspired by the classic
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$960.00 s. and seventy's around a static anesthetic that lives on apple's i pod and i phone. the 1st generation i pod which references the brown t 3 pocket radio apple's chief designer jony ive acknowledges the debt and presented detail roms with an i pod in return. while battle house propagated a union of art craft and technology brown and apple representing union of art commercialism and consumption a sign of the times. the minimalist still most modest look of their products is well suited to the digital age in today's highly individualized society the design of the products we buy is an expression of our identity. what's modest about our house object things
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fake fake modesty that's great news your i phone right this is a perfect bauhaus object in fact steve jobs went to a lecture somebody from the new bauhaus and said ok i totally lar of the principles of our so we always carry about house in our pocket for anything that somebody with the latest phone feels more human rather than less they don't just feel fashionable it's not just about picking up the phrase is about not falling behind still still being fully able to connect when the human is the most design thing there are. now we better get a new concept to design because it's just fine to have an i phone it's not so fun to be and i think. the unity of awesome technology developed indes out joins to hunt as mine is focused on the needs of the people together they yield good design for every day objects that is the bow house effect. the
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basic tenets of our house have been passed on through its successes and have traveled around the world. the unity of arts and technology has been superceded by the unity of arts and come us. about house as a brand and lifestyle. because. all that's great until you realize that you yourself your emotions your feelings your thoughts your body your genetics your children your way of life the sky the weather now we have designed the. whether we have designed our own extension i realize a valve has designed a good design or has brought us to the very end of the destruction around us bases right at that moment. before we kill ourselves let's kill of the house. or we keep posting questions. hospice hoit us who live benthic and the reason why bal
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house is still interesting today is guns is that it raises interesting very fundamental questions and voice in the house we want to live in the future of the child that is most definitely one reason why bow house still has such a feel holds this how it all still. does bauhaus still have something to teach us. now and water our name canned good design still improve people's everyday lives. we'll find out in the 3rd and last part of the series about how swell out the utopia.
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strong opinions from clear positions of international perspective such. it's time to stop talking about africa and start working with chancellor merkel she's calling on german companies to invest more there but do firms have enough trust to take the
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leap economic upswing in africa really probably the best in 90 minutes on w. . and now be affectionate but as affectionately as you can. bloody near put him in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 a documentary was filmed for russian television but director vitali munson captured much more was to turn the camera back on the moment of course you're going to see the film secretly krone cold a power grab actually everything was seriously planned instruction. featuring tom supporting roles to the bush. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before let me be clear with. the good mayor's let me a bitch to the ends justify the means. to james
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witnesses starts december 13th on t.w. . the big . this is the news live from by any chinese. tightening their grip on hong kong border controls are stepped up between the mainland and the territory we'll talk to a democracy protester who was arrested at the border town craft and herded by chinese police it was there coming up israel's benjamin netanyahu is indicted on corruption charges the israeli prime minister has called the move
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a coup and says he will not resign. and will forward he's in europe why failing to keep a lid on crime may.


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